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24 February 2019 @ 03:27 pm

I read all your comments and suggestions and I decided to change a few things! New claiming rules and longer deadlines! You can find all the details below. I hope this meets your expectations ♥

♦ Welcome to the ninth round!
♦ For the general rules check the profile.

--- what can i claim? ---

♦ You can claim whatever you want: a tv show, a movie, a character, a single episode, an actor, a musician, a stock.
♦ You can choose to claim a single thing (tv show, movie, character, ...) or you can choose the multifandom option;  just specify it when you sign up!
♦ You can change your claim after the inspiration post is up.
♦ The same claim can be chose more then one time

--- how does it work? ---

♦ To sign up for the round, answer to this entry with your username and your claim
♦ The round starts on march 1st and it ends on march 31st
♦ The sign up post will be open until the end of the round
♦ When you submit your icons include the following code with your name and all your icons' links!
Delete the space before "textarea" and "/textarea".

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17 March 2019 @ 09:04 pm

See the rest here

May I have a tag please?
16 March 2019 @ 01:35 am

Here at roseemrys

*Could I get a maker tag, please?
04 March 2019 @ 11:09 am

see the rest @ my journal

23 February 2019 @ 05:36 pm
Challenge 8 is now closed!
Voting will be up in the next hours.

I really want to thank everyone who took part in this round, I didn't expect so much participation! You made gorgeous icons! ♥
I appreciate all the compliments and I'm really glad you liked the inspiration post and you found it inspiring. I have to admit I was a bit nervous :D

On this note I want to ask you a couple questions regarding the next round! Also, every suggestion and request is always appreciated!

Poll #2090196 Next Rounds

What type of challenge would you enjoy the most?

More Technical
Something with provided resources
A mix of them
Other (tell me more in the comments!)

Two fandoms or multifandoms?

22 February 2019 @ 11:49 pm

the rest here @ marinasicons

could i get a maker tag as well as a show tag, please? :)
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