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20muses's Journal

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About us

This is a 20in20 challenges community, inspired by inspired20in20 and 20inspirations.
They've done a huge and amazing work over the past years and many of us miss them! The purpose of this community is to bring back something similar, maybe not as good as them but at least a bit entertaining!


♦ This is an open community, everybody can join
♦ To participate to the challenges you must be a member of this community
♦ The icons must be created for our challenges, no old works
♦ You can post the icons on this community under a cut with a preview of three, or post an example of three icons with a link to your journal
♦ Your entry must be tagged with your username, the number of the challenge and your claim;
example: challenge 01; maker:akilah92; tv:doctor who/movie:?/anime:?/music:?
♦ The challenges start the 1st of the month and stop the 20th
♦ In the poll you have to choose 3 icons per maker


wanna be here? send me a message!


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